Tag: Jomo Thompson

  • Thompson Wedding

    The 3rd wedding of the summer was Jomo Thompson & Molly Hogan on June 26th, conveniently both the their birthday.

  • Celebration Week

    Last week was celebration week. Jomo and Kinder came in town and we hit BBQ Fest with Crabtree and Toby. Then Saturday was Tony and Chelsea’s engagement party along with Rachel and my birthdays.

  • Kentucky Tryouts

    Last weekend I also went to Kentucky tryouts. Congratulations to the new team members.

  • Quick Trip to Lexington

    I took a quick trip to Lexington this weekend due to unfortunate circumstances. While I was there I saw Kentucky perform.

  • Life – Part 3 – Summer of 1995

    Looking back, the summer of 1995 may have inadvertently been the most influential summer of my life. It started with graduating high school and heading to Memphis for UCA work week with 9 of us, Doug, myself, and 7 girls, packed into 2 cars. Midway through work week one of the girls concluded staff wasn’t…

  • Atlanta & Lexington

    I went to Atlanta for about 18 hours, then Lexington for Jomo’s birthday and Kentucky’s summer practices.

  • Congratulations UCA National Champions

    Congratulations to Dunbar, Graves County, Greenup County, Westview, for winning UCA High School Nationals once again. Congratulations to Saleem & Donna with Dunbar, Mark with Graves County, Candy with Greenup County, and Craig Monte with Westview (and all the guys and girls on the teams). Congratulations are also in order for so many of my…