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  • Three Ring Week

    Last week, for the first time, I closed all 3 activity rings on my watch/phone. The Red ring is for calories burnt due to movement, the Yellow ring is for minutes of exercise, and the Blue-ish ring is for standing at least 1 minute every hour. The ring that gives me the most trouble is […]

  • Nokia 3310

    Lent begins next week and I think I’m going to give up using my iPhone as a phone in favor of this. My iPhone will probably still be around to use as a camera and other things that work in airplane mode, but wouldn’t be used on my cellular network.

  • Music & Photos

    The title may be a little misleading, but every once in a while I like to complain about a first world inconvenience I run into. Today it’s the iPhone cutting off my music when I open the camera, which is a change from the past. It makes sense for using the video camera, which needs […]

  • OS X Yosemite & iOS 8.1

    A little over a week ago I updated to Yosemite. At first most of the things I noticed are aesthetic changes and my computer waking from sleep must faster. That was before I updated my devices to iOS 8, which is required for what I think will end up being the most useful and visible […]

  • Chase-ing

    After speaking at the Illinois Conference I went to St. Louis to visit my cousin, Sean, and watch basketball. Sometime during the visit and watching basketball with his old friends, and my new friends, we had 2 discussions about the best. One was who is the best player in college basketball and the other was […]

  • The iPhone

    We’ve come to a strange point in time when a company restricts how many of their product the customer can buy and will not let them pay cash for the product. This was the sentiment when Apple made it so customers could not buy more than 2 iPhones and could not pay cash for them. […]

  • Apple iPhone

    I’ve been asked about Apple’s iPhone many times over the past few months and have decided to share portions of these conversations with you. The most popular question is people asking me “Are you going to buy the iPhone?”, to which I reply “no”. As much as I like Apple, plan on switching to an […]