I ended the year on an 80 day streak of closing all 3 rings. The 3 days in October I missed were when I was visiting the Elzas and Hanberys in Florida. If I include August and September I finished the year missing closing all the rings only 5 days in the last 5 months… Continue reading Streak

Ups and Downs

My weigh-ins over the break were all over the place. I exercise and step on the scale each morning after my shower. They aren’t at the same time each day, but probably within the same 90 minute block. The amount of food I eat and water I drink doesn’t vary enough to explain the 5… Continue reading Ups and Downs

Last Year

Last year I set a goal to lose 0.1 pound per day, coming to a total of 36.6 pounds for the year. I failed to reach the goal, but made it to 27 pounds. I didn’t fail miserably, but failed. Looking at my weigh-ins it seems to be due to getting off to a rough… Continue reading Last Year

Apple Watch

After last week’s incident I decided to get an Apple Watch and try to get into the Apple/Stanford Heart Study. I thought about other options of fitness trackers, but the last couple I’ve tried didn’t last long enough. Between the 3 Nike Bands and 3 Fitbits I’ve had I don’t think any have lasted 15… Continue reading Apple Watch

It Works

A couple years ago I had an internal defibrillator installed because my heart does funky things. Yesterday I found out it works. During my morning cardio it defibrillated me, knocking me off the elliptical to my ass. While still on the ground I called Tony, who lives nearby, to come and get me, but with… Continue reading It Works

A Year Later

A year ago today, about the time this was published if I remember correctly, I was in surgery getting a defibrillator implanted into my chest. See A Long Week if you want a recap of that experience. Since then the defibrillator has done pretty much nothing, which is a good thing. It’s only supposed to… Continue reading A Year Later

Single’s Day

Today is Single’s Day (11/11) in China which is one of the largest shopping days, on par with Black Friday in the United States. For me I’m hoping today is clearance day. I have a doctor’s appointment and hope I’ll get fully cleared following the defibrillator procedure almost 6 weeks ago.