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  • How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Manipulate Our Emotions by Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway presented How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Manipulate Our Emotions as a TED Talk.

  • Google Apps

    I often get asked about the tools I use to stay organized and deal with being on the road so much, so I’m going to start writing about some of them. The first is Google Apps. Google Apps is an email, calendar, and collaboration tool that allows you to use Google services with your domain, […]

  • Leading the Internet by Example

    I’d like to see the major internet companies get together and buy Time Warner Cable.┬áSpecifically the companies that indirectly profit from an easily accessible and fast internet like Google, Netflix, and Facebook, that worry about net neutrality and Comcast buying Time Warner Cable. I’d really like to see a couple of the other cash rich […]

  • Lent 2014

    Lent is here. This year I’ve giving up social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Fierce Board. There are some things that automatically post to these sites that will continue, but there won’t be any manual use of these sites.

  • World IPv6 Day

    Wednesday, June 8th, is World IPv6 Day. This is a day many major internet companies have decided jointly run a test on the future of the internet. The test is running Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), instead of the existing standard of IPv4, to see if anything breaks. Google estimates very few people will have […]

  • February 1st

    I’ve been gone for a while, but I have a new philosophy on posting. My plan now is to post more often, but make them a lot shorter, occasionally adding one of my typical multi-paragraph posts. That’s almost it for now, but I also want to comment on Microsoft’s unsolicited bid for Yahoo. Why? I […]

  • Google Wireless

    There have been recent articles on eWeek and other sites about the possibility of Google buying Sprint. Although I have said for the past few months that this is something Google should at least look in to, if not do, I’m no longer sure I think its a good idea. Sprint has 2 assets Google […]

  • Google Maps

    Last week I became a fan of Google Maps on my mobile and Monday I became a big fan. I started working at a new client’s office in an area of DC I have never been, so last week I punched the address in Google Maps. It pulled up the map, as expected, but more […]

  • Corporate Predictions

    People seem to love predictions so I’m going to make a few business predictions I can see happening in the next year or so. First is the one that gave me the idea of writing this post; Google buying Adobe. Imagine 2 of our favorite Silicon Valley brands combining and giving us on- and off-line […]