Tag: Food

  • An Interview With the Queen of Creole Cuisine by Leah Chase and Pat Mitchell

    Leah Chase and Pat Mitchell presented An Interview With the Queen of Creole Cuisine as a TED Talk.

  • Essential

    What makes something essential? Yes, this thought is related to recent healthcare concerns and conversation, but I’m not asking what should be included in essential healthcare. I want to know what goes into determining if something is essential or not. For me the easy things to start with are those that are necessary to maintain […]

  • New Orleans

    We went to New Orleans and ate a lot. We also went to the World War II Museum.

  • Road Kill Grill

  • Marcus

  • Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed Them Well by Sam Kass

    Sam Kass presented Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed Them Well as a TED Talk.

  • Food and Friends

    This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying meals with several friends, old and new. Taking the opportunity to catch up with, get to know, or better get to know people is such a great experience and I enjoy these moments so much more now than I did in the past. Getting a large bone-in […]

  • Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

    Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry, all things I excel at. When I think about the past couple months, maybe a year, maybe a couple years, so many of the best memories are eating and drinking with family and friends. I think about Chris and I cooking at home. I think about Joe, Scott, Tony, and […]

  • A Week in December

    This week started off with tuna tacos, progressed to smoked maple pork chops, and ended with brown sugar glazed salmon. Somehow there wasn’t a competition in the middle.

  • NCA Daytona 2014

    I went to Daytona Beach for NCA College and the Daytona Classic. It wasn’t the same without Kristi, Les, Donnie, Denise, and Greta, but we still managed to have a good time. Fred’s bread helped alot.