What makes something essential? Yes, this thought is related to recent healthcare concerns and conversation, but I’m not asking what should be included in essential healthcare. I want to know what goes into determining if something is essential or not. For me the easy things to start with are those that are necessary to maintain… Continue reading Essential

Food and Friends

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying meals with several friends, old and new. Taking the opportunity to catch up with, get to know, or better get to know people is such a great experience and I enjoy these moments so much more now than I did in the past. Getting a large bone-in… Continue reading Food and Friends

A Week in December

This week started off with tuna tacos, progressed to smoked maple pork chops, and ended with brown sugar glazed salmon. Somehow there wasn’t a competition in the middle.

NCA Daytona 2014

I went to Daytona Beach for NCA College and the Daytona Classic. It wasn’t the same without Kristi, Les, Donnie, Denise, and Greta, but we still managed to have a good time. Fred’s bread helped alot.