Welcoming 2016

To welcome 2016 I hung out with some friends. One of them got off to a rougher start than the others.

Kentucky is 2-1

Last weekend Kentucky lost for the first time this season, making their record 2-1. The game was against the Florida Gators, who won 14-9. Once again I didn’t get to watch the game, but kinda followed it. The next game is Saturday against Missouri and it should be the first game I get to watch… Continue reading Kentucky is 2-1

Daytona 2015

Last week I was in Daytona Beach for NCA College Nationals. It was once again a great chance to see some great college cheerleading and hang out with some good friends. Oklahoma State (Large Coed) and Louisville (All Girl & Small Coed) won the 1A divisions and Kentucky (Coed) and Oklahoma State (All Girl) won… Continue reading Daytona 2015

Christmas Week

Christmas week involved a 70s sorority party, a trip to Florida, and lots of food, including trying Poutine for the first time.

NCA Daytona 2014

I went to Daytona Beach for NCA College and the Daytona Classic. It wasn’t the same without Kristi, Les, Donnie, Denise, and Greta, but we still managed to have a good time. Fred’s bread helped alot.

7ish Days

The last 7ish days have been busy. I went to a funeral on Tuesday for the previously mentioned mother of an 8th grader at David’s gym. Wednesday we left for David’s wedding in Florida. Thursday, while in Florida I talked to a couple friend that will be opening their own gyms soon and gave them… Continue reading 7ish Days