Tag: Family

  • How We Became Sisters by Felice Belle and Jennifer Murphy

    Felice Belle and Jennifer Murphy presented How We Became Sisters as a TED Talk.

  • Burying a Child

    This weekend I went to a funeral. It’s the first I’ve been to in a while and I hope the last for even longer. The guy that passed was under 50. I worked with his wife at the gym, which is how I met and got to know him. Their daughter cheered for us and […]

  • Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

    Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry, all things I excel at. When I think about the past couple months, maybe a year, maybe a couple years, so many of the best memories are eating and drinking with family and friends. I think about Chris and I cooking at home. I think about Joe, Scott, Tony, and […]

  • COA Ultimate 2014

    I went to Orlando Easter weekend for an event and to spend a little time with my family. Then I went back to Memphis for 22 hours before returning to Orlando for Worlds.

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are enjoying the time with family and friends. I got to visit warm weather and spend time with my parents, my sister, and her new husband. Tomorrow I head back toward reality, but I’ll enjoy today first and worry about that tomorrow.

  • The Bourbon Family Tree

    GQ publised The Bourbon Family Tree. How could I not share it?

  • Candace’s Wedding

    My sister recently got married. Here are a bunch of pictures, courtesy of my uncle.

  • Hello 2011: The Year of Selfishness

    Twenty Eleven is here. Congrats to everyone that made it. I’m making this year a selfish year, but I don’t mean that in a bad or conceited way. I mean it’s a year to get everything back on track following the events of the past few years. So what’s in store for 2011? Friends & […]