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  • How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Manipulate Our Emotions by Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway presented How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Manipulate Our Emotions as a TED Talk.

  • Live Streaming

    As with most new things, the potential for something to go terribly wrong exists. This time with Facebook’s live streaming. Earlier this month a man was shot and killed while streaming. It’s wasn’t the first time a death was broadcasted, with the Virginia newscasters being the first to come to mind, but it was the…

  • Facebook Messenger

    A couple years ago I gave up on checking Facebook messages. At that time all I was getting was rules questions, that I was asked not to answer via Facebook, and Happy Birthday messages. I specifically remember the end of checking messages. I was sitting in my hotel bed in New Orleans the day after…

  • Leading the Internet by Example

    I’d like to see the major internet companies get together and buy Time Warner Cable. Specifically the companies that indirectly profit from an easily accessible and fast internet like Google, Netflix, and Facebook, that worry about net neutrality and Comcast buying Time Warner Cable. I’d really like to see a couple of the other cash rich…

  • Lent 2014

    Lent is here. This year I’ve giving up social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Fierce Board. There are some things that automatically post to these sites that will continue, but there won’t be any manual use of these sites.

  • Only A Test

    This is testing the push to Facebook and Twitter feature. If this works it will post to Twitter twice and Facebook 3 times. That will be fixed in the future.

  • Facebook: Public Health Danger

    Fox News published Facebook: Public Health Danger, apparently comparing Facebook use to using a gateway drug.

  • Annoyed by Facebook Groups

    I’m kind of annoyed by Facebook Groups. I guess it’s not really the groups, but the fact that someone can add me to one and it defaults to me getting an email about every single bit of activity that happens in the group. During my Facebookless Lent I was added to a couple groups and…

  • Happy Easter 2011

    Happy Easter Everyone! I’m spending Easter with my parents and having bacon for breakfast. I’ve already sent a Happy Easter tweet and logged into Facebook to see that I have a lot of messages.

  • I’m Giving Up Facebook & Twitter…

    … for Lent. I’ve decided to give up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bacon, and Beer for Lent. You’ll still get a tweet and Facebook status update when I publish something on andrejcarter.com because those are done automatically, but that should be all until Easter. If you need to get in touch with my try calling, texting,…