Tag: Easter

  • Easter & Final Four Week

    This week consisted of Kentucky losing to Wisconsin, my parents’ alma mater. That sums up the week.

  • COA Ultimate 2014

    I went to Orlando Easter weekend for an event and to spend a little time with my family. Then I went back to Memphis for 22 hours before returning to Orlando for Worlds.

  • Happy Easter 2011

    Happy Easter Everyone! I’m spending Easter with my parents and having bacon for breakfast. I’ve already sent a Happy Easter tweet and logged into Facebook to see that I have a lot of messages.

  • Congratulations Swayze!

    Congratulation Swayze on getting engaged. Please have a summer wedding so I have a chance of attending. Last week I attended to competitions. It was fun, long, tiring, and I think I got a little sick after it was over. This weekend I head to California for an event before heading to Orlando for Easter […]

  • I’m Giving Up Facebook & Twitter…

    … for Lent. I’ve decided to give up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bacon, and Beer for Lent. You’ll still get a tweet and Facebook status update when I publish something on andrejcarter.com because those are done automatically, but that should be all until Easter. If you need to get in touch with my try calling, texting, […]