While I was in the hospital for the stroke David and Kendall sent Bogey, named for being 1 stroke over par, to me. About a week after being released from the hospital I picked up his brother, Bunker. Bogey traveled to  Worlds and may join me on some other competitions next season.

Independence Weekend

Kenny randomly came into town for Independence Weekend so I took him down to Mississippi. We saw alligators, but didn’t catch any.

USASF Atlanta

Last weekend was the USASF regional meeting in Atlanta, the hump day meeting. My stay didn’t get off to the greatest start, but overall it was a good weekend. I think there was another record number of coaches attending this meeting which makes me think we are doing something right.

The highlight of the weekend was Saturday night dinner at Fogo de Chao with Jessica, Robin, Kendall, David, Kim, and Brett. If nothing else I learned to take small bites and sips when eating with Brett so I don’t spit out anything significant when he says something that makes the table erupt in laughter.

Independence Day 2015

After London I went to Mississippi for Independence Day Weekend. There was little sleep and a lot of friends, food, beer, and water. Unfortunately a lot of the water came from the sky.

7ish Days

The last 7ish days have been busy. I went to a funeral on Tuesday for the previously mentioned mother of an 8th grader at David’s gym. Wednesday we left for David’s wedding in Florida. Thursday, while in Florida I talked to a couple friend that will be opening their own gyms soon and gave them a little advice. Friday was wedding day and everything turned out great. The weather cooperated, the wedding was successful, and no one made a fool of themselves at the reception. (I’ll post more about the wedding when Shane gets back from Hawaii so I can get his pictures).

The Cats played Ohio State during the reception, which the manager was kind enough to put on a TV nearby. The Cats won a close game to move on to play North Carolina for a trip to the Final Four. Saturday was a beach day. The weather started off rough, but turned out to be great. We then went to a Crawfish boil with the newlywed couple’s family, which was also a good time.

Sunday was go home day. It got off to an interesting start because of a poor decision a couple people made the night before, which I may expand on in a later post. We got back in time to catch most of the North Carolina game and see the Cats advance to the Final Four.

The Cats next stop is Houston, mine is Florida again for a 2 competition weekend.