Tag: Communication

  • Sending Messages

    There are 2 parts to messages, sending it and receiving it. When sending a message you need to remember that what was intended and what was said may not be the same, and neither may be what was received on the other end. Plus, just because you are ready to send a message doesn’t mean […]

  • Facebook Messenger

    A couple years ago I gave up on checking Facebook messages. At that time all I was getting was rules questions, that I was asked not to answer via Facebook, and Happy Birthday messages. I specifically remember the end of checking messages. I was sitting in my hotel bed in New Orleans the day after […]

  • Life in the “Digital Now” by Abha Dawesar

    Abha Dawesar presented Life in the “Digital Now” as a TED Talk.

  • Bottom Line Up Front

    Stating the Bottom Line Up Front is a way of talking to people that gets straight to the point. Have you ever asked someone what time to pick them up or meet them someplace and their answer goes some thing like: Well, I have to do this, and this, and this which will take about […]

  • Communication

    The best way to communicate with someone is the way they want to be communicated with. Some people love text messages, some emails, others phone calls. If you are trying to reach out to someone you need to figure out their preference and use it. Using your preference may not get you too far. For […]