Tag: Chile

  • CC Chile 2017

    I went back to Chile for the 15th year of CC Chile Nationals.

  • Santiago

    I went to Santiago for a couple days for a conference.

  • Chile 2015

    Last week I was in Chile for CC Chile’s bid event. The cheerleading and event in general have improved each year of the 3 I’ve gone. Our hosts were as gracious as ever and I believe I became Oli’s favorite American. I also learned I look like an M&M, but that’s for another day. Hopefully […]

  • Vina del Mar, Chile

    The second part of the Chile trip was in Vina del Mar with Steve, Mirja, Chris Showalter, and Ben Kelly. This part of the trip included relaxing at our hosts’ house, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with a couple children, driving in Santiago, black pepper potato chips, a Moai, getting stared at like I […]

  • Coquimbo, Chile

    I went back to Chile with Steve and Mirja and this time Denise joined us for the first week. Steve is still pretty chill and professional, Mirja is still hilarious, and I learned Denise is an amazing person. During the week I saw breast feeding on a plane for the first time, traveled to one […]