Tag: Chicken Sunday

  • Pre Worlds 2015

    Twas the week before Worlds so just about everything done was related to getting ready for Worlds. One of the exceptions was Chicken Sunday with Gus’s.

  • Went South Quick

    For the most part I had another pretty uneventful week. Given the amount of travel and activity I’ve had so far this year it’s been nice to have back to back weekends at home with just about nothing required of me, unless you count watching Pepper while Chris was out of town or bringing back […]

  • Memphis in May

    I had a weekend in Memphis, my first since Thanksgiving, and it happened to be my birthday and BBQ Fest weekend. I learned an ice luge is a terrible idea and red wrist bands are the devil. I’m not sure why there are so many pictures with Carol. I also had my first Brother Juniper’s […]