I went to Chicago and saw a Cubs game. I also had a “burger” that made the “bun” out of fried mac and cheese.

USASF Chicago

Chicago was the first USASF Regional Conference of the summer and for some reason we decided to add a 3 day tumbling workshop to the beginning of it. Everything went great, I got deep dish pizza, and Chris joined us for a drink or 2.

Root Cause

Last week I was at the airport and read a headline saying the release of a video was going to tear Chicago apart. It rubbed me the wrong way because it seemed to be putting the responsibility on the releasing of the video instead of the content of the video. YouTube has around 18,000 hours… Continue reading Root Cause

USASF Chicago

I was in Chicago last weekend for the USASF Regional Meeting. Based on the pictures I took it appears all I did was eat and listen to Brett talk. I had my first meal from Al’s Beef, but didn’t get a picture of the deep dish pizza from Gino’s East. I was pleased with the… Continue reading USASF Chicago

Summer Travel Season

Next weekend begins my summer travel season. This season will involve trips to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Southern California for cheer meetings, along with a wedding and my first trip to London. It may also include trips to Destin, Austin, and New Orleans to visit friends, and a trip to Kansas City… Continue reading Summer Travel Season