CC Chile 2017

I went back to Chile for the 15th year of CC Chile Nationals.

NCA Judges 2017

NCA Judges

Disney 2016

I went to Orlando for cheerleading and saw friends, the Hot Now sign at Krispy Kreme, animals made out of lights, fireworks, and cheerleaders.

Chile 2015

Last week I was in Chile for CC Chile’s bid event. The cheerleading and event in general have improved each year of the 3 I’ve gone. Our hosts were as gracious as ever and I believe I became Oli’s favorite American. I also learned I look like an M&M, but that’s for another day. Hopefully there will be another trip next year.

I also came back with lots of wine.

Mid South Regionals

I went to a cheer competition as a spectator. Since I didn’t have any responsibility I took pictures.