Tag: Cheer

  • Orry & Troy Wedding

    The final wedding of the season was Orry Clayborne & Troy Allen on September 11th in Memphis.

  • NCA Weekend

    In honor of NCA weekend.

  • Indy

    I went to Indy for cheer, but didn’t get to do much other than cheer. All the food is from the first night, before cheer began.

  • UCA College Nationals

    UCA College Nationals was the first cheer event in the new arena at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

  • Louisville

    Louisville for cheer stuff was next on the list. I’m pretty sure the only times I left the hotel were to go to the venue and the airport.

  • CC Chile 2017

    I went back to Chile for the 15th year of CC Chile Nationals.

  • NCA Judges 2017

  • Disney 2016

    I went to Orlando for cheerleading and saw friends, the Hot Now sign at Krispy Kreme, animals made out of lights, fireworks, and cheerleaders.

  • Chile 2015

    Last week I was in Chile for CC Chile’s bid event. The cheerleading and event in general have improved each year of the 3 I’ve gone. Our hosts were as gracious as ever and I believe I became Oli’s favorite American. I also learned I look like an M&M, but that’s for another day. Hopefully…

  • Mid South Regionals

    I went to a cheer competition as a spectator. Since I didn’t have any responsibility I took pictures.

  • Cheer! Magazine

    This weekend I received the premiere issue of Cheer! Magazine in the mail. It’s a new magazine launched by my friend Shane Womack. I’ve known Shane for over 10 years, since he was in high school, when he cheered for another friend of mine, David Hanbery. Last November when we were at David’s hanging out,…

  • I’m Running for President

    I’ve decided to run for President and am naming James Phillips as my Vice President. Of course you know this isn’t true, but I’m now old enough to in case I have a change of heart. 10 Years Ago 10 years ago today I was partying in New Orleans with friends, celebrating my birthday, my…

  • Florida, California, Florida

    Between now and early May I’ll make a trip to California in between 2 trips to Florida, technically 3 since I’ll have a layover in Atlanta during a flight from one part of Florida to another. It should be fun, will be tiring, and will give me a chance to see some of the best…