Tag: California

  • Santa Monica Pier

    Here’s a first person view of the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier. http://youtu.be/v_A40CL7bQw

  • USASF Costa Mesa

    The last USASF regional meeting of the summer was in sunny southern California. I was late so I missed teaching my regular classes, but the travel gods made Jessica late so I got to teach hers. The highlight of the weekend was the random little boy that run up to give Brett, Lisa, and I…

  • Summer Travel Season

    Next weekend begins my summer travel season. This season will involve trips to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Southern California for cheer meetings, along with a wedding and my first trip to London. It may also include trips to Destin, Austin, and New Orleans to visit friends, and a trip to Kansas City…

  • Los Angeles & USASF Costa Mesa

    I went to Southern California to hang out with Matt and attend the last USASF Regional Meeting of the summer. I ate sushi more on this trip than during the past year.

  • USA All Star Nationals 2014

    I went to Anaheim for USA and spent a little time with Matt in LA. Other than eating I didn’t do much that wasn’t related to the event. I’m not sure what’s going on between Andrew and the random guy.

  • West Coast in the Cold

    I went to Seattle and Southern California and brought bad weather with me. In Seattle I saw a church with a rainbow flag for the first time. In SoCal I hung out with Matt Goldberg and ate too much. When I got back I saw a truck with a terrible parking job.

  • Congratulations Swayze!

    Congratulation Swayze on getting engaged. Please have a summer wedding so I have a chance of attending. Last week I attended to competitions. It was fun, long, tiring, and I think I got a little sick after it was over. This weekend I head to California for an event before heading to Orlando for Easter…

  • Florida, California, Florida

    Between now and early May I’ll make a trip to California in between 2 trips to Florida, technically 3 since I’ll have a layover in Atlanta during a flight from one part of Florida to another. It should be fun, will be tiring, and will give me a chance to see some of the best…