Google Apps

I often get asked about the tools I use to stay organized and deal with being on the road so much, so I’m going to start writing about some of them. The first is Google Apps. Google Apps is an email, calendar, and collaboration tool that allows you to use Google services with your domain,… Continue reading Google Apps


I started reading again and recently finished Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. The book talks about how they built their company in a much different way than most other companies and by going against most of the conventional advice young entrepreneurs are given. Most of the advice given by the authors is… Continue reading Rework

Marvin Bower

¬†Business advice from Marvin Bower, McKinsey’s chief architect. Put the client’s interests first and separate yourself from the job. Be consistent yet open-minded. Center problem solving on the facts and on the front line. View problems and decisions in the context of the whole and in terms of the immediate actions to be taken. Inspire… Continue reading Marvin Bower

Business Advice

This article contains business advice for starting a business.¬† I came across it a while ago, but don’t have the source information anymore. Here’s what most entrepreneurs actually do in their first few months in business: Choose a business name. It’s difficult to start marketing your products or services without a name. Get business cards.… Continue reading Business Advice