College Basketball Season

College basketball season is here. It started over the weekend, but for me really kicked off last night when Kentucky played Duke and won. It was their third game of the season, but the first against a top tier team. Excluding defensive rebounding I think they looked pretty good. Since Kentucky basketball has returned I… Continue reading College Basketball Season

Pursuit of Perfection

The Kentucky basketball team is pursuing perfection. I’m sure every team was, but Kentucky has made it through their regular season without a loss. There were a couple scares, overtimes, and below par performances, but they’ve made it through the first 31 games. For the most part the regular season doesn’t matter. It’s just preparation… Continue reading Pursuit of Perfection

7ish Days

The last 7ish days have been busy. I went to a funeral on Tuesday for the previously mentioned mother of an 8th grader at David’s gym. Wednesday we left for David’s wedding in Florida. Thursday, while in Florida I talked to a couple friend that will be opening their own gyms soon and gave them… Continue reading 7ish Days

Human Error in Sports

Human errors in sports are a reality. They’ve change the results of games and cost people a spot in the record books, just ask ´╗┐´╗┐Armando Galarraga. What should we do to try to eliminate these? Football has a challenge system allowing the coach to ask for a couple of plays a game to be reviewed.… Continue reading Human Error in Sports

College Athletics

I have a problem with the NCAA right now, specifically the NCAA Clearinghouse. The job of the Clearinghouse is to let you know if an athlete is eligible to play. If the Clearinghouse gives a green light, the kid should be able to play without future penalty to the school. If the Clearinghouse later learns… Continue reading College Athletics

Tourney Time & Jealousy

The NCAA Tournament field has been announced and Game One has been played. A lot of Kentucky fans are upset about our path, but I’m not too bothered by it. Assuming the higher seeds advance, we’ll play East Tennessee State, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Duke, and Kansas. I’m not upset with this path because it’s… Continue reading Tourney Time & Jealousy