Tag: Atlanta

  • Atlanta in January

    Last week I was in Atlanta for a meeting and training session. Outside of work the highlight was the Vampire Taco from Yard House. We also made it out of the escape room.

  • USASF Atlanta

    Last weekend was the USASF regional meeting in Atlanta, the hump day meeting. My stay didn’t get off to the greatest start, but overall it was a good weekend. I think there was another record number of coaches attending this meeting which makes me think we are doing something right. The highlight of the weekend […]

  • Summer Travel Season

    Next weekend begins my summer travel season. This season will involve trips to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Southern California for cheer meetings, along with a wedding and my first trip to London. It may also include trips to Destin, Austin, and New Orleans to visit friends, and a trip to Kansas City […]

  • Cheersport 2015

    I went to Atlanta for Cheersport. I probably should say I went to Atlanta during Cheersport since I didn’t do anything with the event. It was good to see so many people and strange being at an event with no responsibility.

  • USASF Atlanta & Grizz Girls

    During the past week I went to the USASF Regional Meeting in Atlanta, which I believe was the largest ever, and the Memphis Grizzlies dance team tryouts at the historic Orpheum Theatre. Orson Sykes from Twist & Shout was the featured speaker in Atlanta and most of the people we were cheering for made the […]

  • Atlanta & Lexington

    I went to Atlanta for about 18 hours, then Lexington for Jomo’s birthday and Kentucky’s summer practices.

  • Cheersport 2014

    I went to Atlanta for Cheersport and ate at Ruth’s Chris.  

  • Florida, California, Florida

    Between now and early May I’ll make a trip to California in between 2 trips to Florida, technically 3 since I’ll have a layover in Atlanta during a flight from one part of Florida to another. It should be fun, will be tiring, and will give me a chance to see some of the best […]

  • Last Week

    Last weekend I was in Dallas for NCA All*Star. I think the combination of that trip and Atlanta the preceding week wiped me out. I didn’t feel great this week and have slept a lot more than I normally do. Hopefully I’ll return to normal and have a productive week. I did manage to move […]

  • Travel Time

    It’s now the time of year that I travel every week. It usually throws me off my regular schedule a little, but often gives me something to write about. I’m guessing the story of this weekend will be the traveling itself since snow has brought much of the Southeast to a crawl. My flights are […]

  • The 20 Minute Nap

    I’ve been slacking again so I’ll give the cliffs notes version of the past few months. I may fill in some details later, but won’t make any promises now. I was in Atlanta for a few days at a cheerleading competition, imagine that. I met up with King Harrison in person for the first time […]

  • Who Dat

    I really couldn’t think of a title for this one, so I chose one the would make Marcel, David, and Keaton happy. Congratulations to the Saints on their SuperBowl victory. Atlanta was fun, the week since hasn’t been nearly as fun. CheerSport, what can you say. It’s undoubtedly the largest, and possibly the greatest cheerleading […]

  • Goodbye January

    I couldn’t think of a good name for the article so you’re stuck with Goodbye January. My January will end in Providence, RI with the crew from Athletic Championships, assuming the Delta-Northwest merger hasn’t completely screwed up my flight. February starts with a trip to Atlanta for Cheersport. This week has been uneventful, but pretty […]