Tag: Annoyed

  • Passwords

    Passwords are annoying. To have a good one you need to have a very long, extra complicated, never been used before combination that changes often. Then you are supposed to remember it without writing it down. If you use a password manager, like I do, it helps in some ways and hurts in others. My […]

  • Automated Annoyance

    This weekend I logged in to pay for my dental insurance. I waited until close to the last day because I have a new provider that is supposed to start, but since I haven’t received the new ID card, I figured it was better to have 2 plans for a month over not having any […]

  • Why I’m Reconsidering Being a WordPress Tester

    I’m venting. I’ve documented testing pre-release versions of WordPress since prior to 3.1 being released in February 2011, coming in at either the Beta or Release Candidate (RC) phase depending the version of WordPress. This release cycle, for the upcoming version 4.1 of WordPress, has annoyed me to the point of reconsidering testing pre-release versions […]

  • OS X Yosemite & iOS 8.1

    A little over a week ago I updated to Yosemite. At first most of the things I noticed are aesthetic changes and my computer waking from sleep must faster. That was before I updated my devices to iOS 8, which is required for what I think will end up being the most useful and visible […]

  • Annoyed by Facebook Groups

    I’m kind of annoyed by Facebook Groups. I guess it’s not really the groups, but the fact that someone can add me to one and it defaults to me getting an email about every single bit of activity that happens in the group. During my Facebookless Lent I was added to a couple groups and […]