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  • American & US Airways

    Last week American Air started merging the US Air frequent flyer accounts into the American program as the next step of integrating the airlines following their fairly recent combination. My understanding is they are locking the US Air accounts late Thursday or early Friday and moving the data starting Friday morning and continuing through the…

  • NCA All Star 2015

    Last weekend was NCA. Getting there was a disaster, but the event was great. When I woke up I was booked on a direct American flight landing at 1:30pm. By the time I made it to Dallas, around 10:30pm via a connecting flight on Delta, I’d been in possession of 9 boarding passes or seat…

  • NCA All Star 2014

    I went to Dallas for NCA. I flew American and the planes had nice interiors. Our hotel had Buddha in it. I didn’t see much other than the hotel and convention center and someone had a long ass day.