Spirit Industry

I’ve been involved with Cheerleading since the Spring of 1992. I started with my High School team because, like most guys I know that cheered for their High School, I was talked into it by a girl. From there two thing got me hooked. The first was my teammate, Jeff Bowles, letting me know about his All Star team, Pro Cheer (Kansas City). The second was seeing Brad Calhoun do a Cupie.

At this point of my cheerleading career there are few things remaining that I want to do personally, but I want to continue to help make cheerleading a better sport and industry.



I’m currently the Director of Education for the USASF, a role in which I lead the creation of educational resources for our industry members. I’m also a member of the Rules Committee. I was formerly the Assistant Director of Rules, Safety, and Judging, a member of the Scoring System and Athlete Registration System Technology Team Committees, a member of the Worlds Judge Selection Committee, and a Core Safety Judge.

Spirit Company

Spirit Company Logo

I founded Spirit Company, a group focusing on improving the cheerleading and dance industry and Spirit Post, an industry leading news site. Spirit Company worked with many groups, including Cheer Daily and Fierce Board, to build community within our industry.

Cheerleading Experience

  • US All Star Federation (Director of Education February 2015 – Present, Assistant Director of Rules, Safety & Judging, November 2012 – February 2015)
  • Spirit Company (Founder, January 2005 – December 2019)
  • Go! Fight! Win! Music (Advisor, Janaury 2012 – June 2015)
  • All Things Cheer (Advisor, formerly Vice President of Operations, August 2011 – September 2014)
  • Germantown High School (Head Coach, August 2012 – February 2013)
  • Pure Energy Choreography (Vice President of Operations, January 2012 – September 2012)
  • Deep South Spirit (Advisor, January 2010 – May 2011)
  • Showtime Spirit (Owner & Instructor, May 2008 – December 2009)
  • George Mason University (Assistant Coach, September 2002 – April 2007)
  • University of Southern Mississippi (Head Coach, July 1999 – May 2002)
  • University of Kentucky (Assistant Coach, May 1998 – April 1999)
  • Universal Cheerleaders Association (Head Instructor, College Instructor, Instructor, May 1995 – August 2001)


  • University of Kentucky (Fall 1995 through Spring 1998)
    • Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) National Champions, 1997 & 1998
    • Captain, 1997-1998
  • Pro Cheer All Stars (May 1993 through May 1995)
    • National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National Champions, 1994 & 1995
    • National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) Partner Stunt Runner Up, 1995
    • Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) National Champions, 1994 & 1995
  • Olathe South High School

Judging & Rules

  • All Star
    • USASF/IASF Worlds
    • Varsity Summit
  • College Nationals
    • NCA
    • UCA
  • High School Nationals
    • NCA
    • UCA

More Cheerleading Stuff

  • Inside Cheerleading Magazine & Cheer Biz News “35 Under 35” Member
  • USASF Credentialed to Level 7
  • USASF Field Staff Member
  • USASF Rules Committee Member