Yesterday was a unique day. It made me think of a friend named Scott who told his daughters that no matter what happened they are to finish the routine. About 5 weeks ago that was thrown out of the window when he saw one of his girls laying on the ground in tears. She was landed on by one of our girls after missing a tumbling trick during the routine and was in obvious pain. She stopped and was taken off the mat. That was nothing compared to yesterday.

I thought about this as I saw another of our girls laying on the competition floor yesterday. It was the first time in my cheerleading career that I’ve walked on the floor to tend to an injured athlete during a routine. Thinking about the difficulty I had watching her lay on the mat telling me she couldn’t feel her legs while squeezing my hand and asking what happened makes me feel for her mother. This is a girl that I’ve know for less than a year and it hurt. I can’t imagine what her mom was thinking as she heard her daughter say she couldn’t feel her legs. I think I was okay until I saw the pre-tear look on her mom’s face and knew there was nothing I could say or do to make her feel better. It hurt and it sucked. It’s one of those things you don’t forget, but wish you could.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The Blame Game

I just read my second article about a 19 year old Florida college student who killed himself while broadcasting live on the internet. Condolences and sympathies aside, my frustration with these articles and some of the comments posted along the articles is the attempt to blame the internet site for his death. The internet did not kill this person. The website did not kill this person. This person tragically felt the need to remove himself from this world and chose to share his final acts with the world via the internet. I remember when similar circumstances the blame was pointed towards the method chosen, whether it be a gun or drug overdose, which was just as incorrect. The problem lies within the person and we need to figure out how to correct that. Banning the internet, guns, or drugs will not stop people from committing such acts, just change the methods used. Figuring out why people are doing this to themselves and helping them work through it is the direction we need to head.

First Competition

My gym, Showtime Spirit, had it’s first competition yesterday. Of our 3 teams, 2 finished first and 1 finished second. Both first place teams had one other team in their division and the second place finisher had 2 additional teams in the division. Overall I thought it was a successful day. Our performances were pretty strong, by no means perfect, but good for a season opener. The parents were excited and happy. I think this weekend will take away a little of the pressure because there is no longer doubt about whether or not we will actually have competitive teams.

I’m Tired

I haven’t written anything in a while, but to get back to doing it. I’ve had a million things on my mind lately, some personal and some work related. The gym had a busy week and has another one coming.  Yesterday was UCA regionals in Lexington, which is first event for some of our high school teams. Sunday is the first event for our Showtime teams. Between the 2 I feel like a lot of people, including myself, have been edgy lately. Hopefully some calmness will return next week.