Wedding Invitations & Prayers

A few years ago, a then young coach named Carlos asked me why I coached. I think my answer surprised him because I said I coached for Wedding Invitations. At that time I was coaching college kids who didn’t always agree with what I asked or told them to do, but to me, getting a wedding invitation years later was a sign that I did something right when I was their coach. I thought Carlos shrugged me off then, but a few years later he let me know he was listening.

Years later, thanks in part to Carlos, I work with younger kids. Now that I work with younger kids, many under the age of 10, I’ve changed my goal to being included in their prayers. Being included in the group with Mommy, Daddy, Mimi (Grandmother), Kobe (the family dog), Nemo (the pet goldfish), Hannah Montana, and the cast of High School Musical, is quite an honor. Making the list of people, and animals, kids want to bring good fortune to is the ultimate sign that you are doing something right.


One of the podcasts I listen to added a commercial. I’m not opposed to listening to commercials during a podcast, and in fact many of the podcasts I listed to have commercials in them. This one struck me as odd because the podcast is normally only about a minute long and they added a minute commercial to it. Given the length of the podcast they probably just should have thanked a sponsor and given a web address.

Game Seven

The Stanley Cup Finals have gone to Game 7. Pittsburgh will visit Detroit on Friday night for the championship.

Happy Brithday to Me

Today is my birthday. It’s also a year and a day after I moved back to Lexington to start Showtime Spirit. A lot has happened in the past year. I’ve been there for a few friends that got married and a few that called it off, engagements and marriages. I’ve moved enough that I realize I only want to do it one more time, to Aruba. I’ve realized people work in many different ways.

I’ve also realized I like children a lot more than I thought. I loved Tuesdays because the Dippers came in. I knew L. would come in smiling and wouldn’t stop. I enjoyed watching the friendship between C., D., and S. grow. I like watching J. be a leader most days, but reminding us she is a kid every once in a while. I liked watching E. wrap Josh around her fingers so quickly he didn’t know what happened. I loved the “oops” looks A. gave us at least once a practice. I also love getting hugs from J. & K. everytime they walked in the gym. S. P. and M. each contributed to a year I’ll never forget.

Over the past year I’ve learned a few thing, in no certain order:

  1. Running a business is harder than expected.
  2. 4, 5, and 6 year olds can have you wrapped around their fingers in less than an hour.
  3. Parents will sacrifice a lot for the happiness of their children.
  4. No rule will stop someone from being stupid.
  5. Furniture is overrated.

To everyone that’s had a hand in making the past year what it was, Thank You.

One Year Ago

Today marks the one year anniversary of my return to Lexington. It’s been quite a year.