The Innovator’s Dilemma

I’ve been slowly reading The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it before because too much of what he says is too familiar for this to be my first time. The book points out listening to your customers will help your business at first, but eventually contribute to your business failing.

Showtime Spirit & Premier Athletics

Showtime Spirit will combine with Premier Athletics in January 2010, merging the Lexington gyms Kentucky Elite & Showtime Spirit. The combination won’t lead to major changes this season, but by the time next season begins the gyms will be operating as one. This season the All Star teams will continue as originally planned, competing under Kentucky Elite and Showtime Spirit at separate events, and the school teams will continue with business as usual. There may be some adjustments with classes in an attempt to utilize the strengths of the combine staff and make classes more convenient for students.

There isn’t much to say about next season yet, but information will be made available as details are finalized.


He drugged and raped a 13 year old girl.

Filmmakers demand Polanski’s release

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been in the news lately thanks to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski recently adding to 2 principles to the existing 4. Net Neutrality, in general, is the idea that all data traveling over the internet should be treated equal. Opponents, including major internet providers AT&T and Verizon, say allowing some bandwidth hogging application, such as YouTube, degrade the experience for everyone else. Proponents say Net Neutrality is necessary for innovation.

The big question is Why Should We Care? The reason is innovation. If the Net were restricted services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more useful items may never have gotten off the ground. I think the best compromise is to allow the carriers to do as they please with their networks as long as they:

  • Provide 100% full disclosure of what they are doing
  • Extremely stiff penalties are in place for anything less than full disclosure
  • The disclosures need to be posted on their website with a link as large as the main services they offer
  • The disclosure needs be written in plain English

Davis Wedding

This weekend I attended a wedding in Nashville. Actually, I conducted the wedding. Performing the ceremony was something I never thought about until I was asked to do it. Even at that point I was a little hesitant because that was something that was reserved for pastors, priests, ministers, or judges in my mind, and I was none of the above. After about a month of thinking about it I figured why not, if Jeff and Lori want me to be part of their wedding day I will. It wasn’t something I thought about putting on the Bucket List in advance, but I think it would make the cut if I were to make a retroactive list.

Performing the ceremony was a little nerve wrecking. I’ve spoken publicly before, but this was different. Maybe it was because everything else I’ve talked about was hobby related, like cheerleading, and this was life related. Maybe it was because people actually pay attention at a wedding and that’s not always done at other talks. Maybe it was because I was worried about being struck by lightning for not being in one of the groups listed above. Whatever is was, I remember looking at my hand at one point and it was trembling uncontrollably.

The weekend was great. From socializing Thursday night, the guy’s lunch, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner on Friday, Moosehead, the Wedding, and reception on Saturday, it was all great.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Jimmy Davis (the groom’s father) is a funny man. I met him prior to this weekend, but this weekend I noticed several time when he was cracking jokes and making us laugh.
  • Ashley is allergic to me. I’m not sure what it is, but every time I’m around her she gets sick.
  • There is a difference between Country and Honky-Tonk.
  • Being the Best Man is not as close as you can get without getting married.
  • Chili Cheese Burgers should not be eaten.
  • Sam wants to be a movie star.
  • Restaurants are the best place to find a last minute date.
  • The Moosehead Grooming Lounge is worth a visit.
  • Letting someone else make the decision of where to go after the reception is not a good idea.

Things I knew, but had a chance to see or be reminded:

  • Sue is pregnant. They may have twins.
  • James is a good family man.
  • The guys have married incredible women.
  • Robert has come a long way since our first meeting.
  • Sleep is valuable.
  • We shouldn’t get together more than 2 twice a year or stay together more than 2 nights.