Went South Quick

Went South Quick - 7For the most part I had another pretty uneventful week. Given the amount of travel and activity I’ve had so far this year it’s been nice to have back to back weekends at home with just about nothing required of me, unless you count watching Pepper while Chris was out of town or bringing back Chicken Sunday.

Then came Tuesday and the accidental text message. During the school year Joe, Scott, Tony and I regularly get together on Tuesdays to grab some food and a drink. In an attempt to get those going again after the summer break I sent the guys an inappropriate image that was sent to me and made me laugh (see the half naked woman below).  Unfortunately I clicked on the wrong Scott so the message went to a wrong number who I can only guess was having a bad day (see the picture above).

The Bridge Between Suicide and Life by Kevin Briggs

Kevin Briggs presented The Bridge Between Suicide and Life as a TED Talk.

Lazy Week(End)

I didn’t travel last weekend so I was very lazy and didn’t take many pictures. I finally finished another book and celebrated Scott’s birthday.

Stranger & Coffee Challenges

Business Insider published Why Everyone Should Purposely Sit In The Wrong Seat On An Airplane At Least Once, about Noah Kagan’s Stranger Challenge, which is to do something random with a stranger, and Coffee Challenge, described below.

“We have a thing called the Coffee Challenge,” Kagan tells James Altucher in a recent podcast. “You have to ask for 10% off at a coffee store. Any coffee store. Get a muffin, ask for 10% off. Most people will make an excuse. ‘Oh, I’ve already done sales for five years.’ ‘Oh, I’m not afraid of doing that.’ ‘Oh, I don’t need a discount, I have money.’ But if you go ahead and ask for 10% off coffee, I guarantee that you will learn something about yourself that will surprise you.”

The Wisdom of Psychopaths

The Wisdom of PsychopathsMy latest book was The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton. It was an interesting read, but I don’t think I can accurately describe it. It takes a look at some traits that are common in psychopaths and points out where they show up in other parts of society, ranging from spies to monks.

I’m too far behind on my plan of reading a book a month in 2014 to ever catch up, but I am getting back in the swing on consistently reading.