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  • Public Speaking

    Do’s and Dont’s for Public Speaking. Body Language: Handshakes Stance Eye Contact Open Arms Hand Gestures Display Confidence Common Errors: Reading from Notes Avoiding Eye Contact Dressing Down Being Fidgety, Jiggling, or Swaying Failing to Rehearse Standing at Attention Reciting Bullet Points Speaking too Long Failing to Excite Ending with an Inspirational Defecit

  • Meditation Steps

    Meditation Steps that can be used by anyone, anywhere.  I don’t have the source information. Relax Unwind the muscles and become physically quiet. Center Focus on the breathing cycle and develop the capacity to witness the mind without getting lost in it. Enhance Visualize goals, focus on patience and forgiveness, or perform any other personally […]

  • Business Advice

    This article contains business advice for starting a business.  I came across it a while ago, but don’t have the source information anymore. Here’s what most entrepreneurs actually do in their first few months in business: Choose a business name. It’s difficult to start marketing your products or services without a name. Get business cards. […]