About Me

Andre J. Carter

Since I moved I realize I should update this, but haven’t decided what to say.

I am a nice guy that lives in Memphis, TN. I was once quiet by nature, now it’s by choice. I’m extremely opinionated, but don’t always share my opinions. I prefer to relax in the background and let those that want the spotlight have it. I love the honesty, innocence, and self-centeredness of the 4-6 year old children I used to coach. I am also a former auditor, business owner, cheerleader, and cheerleading coach and currently some of the same.

My Cheerleading and Spirit Industry Affiliations

For my 30th birthday I decided to fly to Hawaii and jump out of a plane. Here’s proof:


  • Founder of Spirit Company (January 2005 through December 2019)
  • Founder, Owner, & Executive Director of Showtime Spirit in Lexington, KY (May 2008 through December 2009)
  • Senior Associate at Harper, Rains, Knight & Company in Ridgeland, MS (June 2002 through May 2008)


  • Master of Professional Accountancy, University of Southern Mississippi, May 2002
  • Master of Business Administration, University of Southern Mississippi, May 2001
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Kentucky, May 1999