Cheer – September 2023

Autumn is here. It’s still too early for competition season, but High School football is underway and this is the first full weekend of College football. For the UCA Colleges that means Nationals is 4.5 month away. As soon as they get settled into school and football it’s time to start working on Nationals and basketball.

Athlete Friends – Please remember that a coach asking you to fix something doesn’t always mean they think you broke it. Sometimes it means they think you are good enough to fix it. Think about this as brand new people are mixed in.

Coach Friends – Please remember to curb your enthusiasm that everyone should now be done with summer trips and able to attend practice with the knowledge that year after year they rarely practice well the first couple weeks of school returning. I’ve heard multiple theories on why this is, but little dispute that it occurs.

Judge Friends – It’s time to start thinking about your schedule, at least the early part of it. Think about what you want to commit to and honor it once you commit.