Cheer – August 2023 – Summer

For me the past month of cheer was focused on the combined USASF-USA Cheer National Meeting in Nashville. For the 1st time the 2 organizations came together to host the meeting and have sessions that covered almost the entire spectrum of cheer.

Outside of the National Meeting cheer has been pretty quiet for me. I’ve seen pictures of teams at camps and some sneak peek videos, but relatively peaceful overall.

Athlete Friends – I hope you spent some time over the summer improving your skills since without needing to worry about perfecting the team routine it is a great time to focus on individual skills. I also hope you realize your dream team’s roster will probably change before the dream event so keeping working toward accomplishing that goal

Coach Friends – I hoped you learned something this summer that will make you a better coach. If you haven’t yet it is not too late and I continue to suggest judging as a way to learn more.

Judge Friends – I hope you enjoyed the off season and learned something new. See you soon.