Cheer Season 2022-23

The competitive part of the 2022-23 cheer season is here. I write this knowing many of my school team related colleagues have already competed, some are nearing the end of their competitive season, and others have been crowned State champs. On the All Star side we’re just about to get started despite the first Worlds and Summit bids already being awarded.

My coach friends would like to remind everyone most all star teams aren’t really ready yet. Despite there being some big and respectable events this month most teams are aiming to peak at events sometime between mid-January and mid-March then again late April to early May, not now. They say this hoping you’ll be patient with some of the early season performance because many will be imperfect.

My judge friends would like to remind my team friends the score sheet has changed since last season and even with the training done they are also still mastering it. They’d also like our team colleagues to remember teams aren’t competing against past performances so this being a team’s best performance ever isn’t really a factor in placements. How it compares to other teams is.

Good luck to all the athletes, parents, coaches, judges, event staff, hotel staff, and spectators as this season gets rolling. See you in Texas and Georgia.