Good Eating

The past month has been all about eating. It started with brunch and a mimosa bucket with the Joneses and ended at a Mexican restaurant with my roommate. In between was pizza with Robin, Strawberry Shortcake French toast, Peach Cobbler French toast, an Atlanta icon, In-N-Out, one of the largest pizzas I’ve ever had, and a burger using doughnuts as the buns.

There was also a box of Fireball (a freakin’ box). I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to create a Franzia sized box of Fireball or who in our celebrating a non-40th birthday group thought we should get it, but it all happened. The whole lake house birthday weekend was a blast.

I also finally went to a movie and watched Top Gun: Maverick, which was fantastic. I think this was my first time in a theater since watching The Lion King a few years ago.

Somewhere along the way I also finished 2 books. I’m not sure how long ago I started either of them, but I finished 2 of them and naturally started 2 more.

Otherwise the last month simultaneously involved a whole lot of and not enough Peaches.

Here’s the photo dump from the month: