A Long Time Coming

I haven’t posted in a long time, almost a year. I’m going to attempt to get back into publishing here regularly and will start slow with about a once a month pace.

Since my last post I was promoted and moved from the Memphis area to the Atlanta area. In moving I moved in with 2 people I know from the cheerleading community. One celebrated a birthday which involved tasting tequila.

I also sent my Blanton’s Stoppers and received the display stave. I thought it would take longer for it to come back so I waited until after the move, but the turnaround time was rather quick.

So far I’ve taken 2 trips flying from Atlanta and have appreciated the direct flights. The first was to the USASF National Meeting in Chicago, which I could have flown direct already, and the second was for a cheerleading competition in England, which definitely would not have been a direct, flight from Memphis.

I haven’t done much around here yet, but found a good taco place and went to dinner with Josh & Kat Jones and found a deep fried deviled egg. Otherwise I’m still getting settled and will start exploring soon.

And here’s some random photos I’ve taken since being here: