Last Year

Last year I set a goal to lose 0.1 pound per day, coming to a total of 36.6 pounds for the year. I failed to reach the goal, but made it to 27 pounds.

I didn’t fail miserably, but failed. Looking at my weigh-ins it seems to be due to getting off to a rough start. During the 1st 75 days of the year, also known as the pre-pandemic era, I gained 4 pounds instead of losing 7.5. During the pandemic era I managed to maintain the 0.1 pound per day pace. Apparently getting on an elliptical instead of commuting has some benefit.

From March 17th, which is when I consider the start of the pandemic era, I missed closing my 3 Apple Watch rings 18 times total. During the last 5 months of the year I only missed closing all 3 on 5 occasions including ending the year on an 80 day streak of closing all 3.

I haven’t set a goal for 2021 or decided if I’m going to set one, but know it won’t be as high as 2020 if I do. By the way, that 80 day streak promptly ended on January 1st and started a 2 day streak of not closing a single ring.