Apple Watch

After last week’s incident I decided to get an Apple Watch and try to get into the Apple/Stanford Heart Study. I thought about other options of fitness trackers, but the last couple I’ve tried didn’t last long enough. Between the 3 Nike Bands and 3 Fitbits I’ve had I don’t think any have lasted 15 months. I also think having the ability to call someone, with or without having my phone on me, is a good backup plan.

I had 2 concerns that prevented me from getting one earlier, the first being the battery life and the second being the heart related measurement features not being FDA approved.  So far the battery life hasn’t been nearly as much of a concern as I worried about. I want it to be able to last the full day after only being taken off and charged as I shower and get ready in the morning. It looks like that won’t be a problem as it’s lasted over 50 hours on a single charge.

The 2nd concern probably won’t be addressed any time soon. With the FDA approval process taking around 2 years and the Apple Watch update cycle being less than that, the newest model probably won’t get approval while it’s the newest model. It looks like the FDA is working on a program to approve devices quicker, but we’ll see. The Apple Watch eco-system also seems to be trying to move the functions that need to get approved to accessories that will work with current and future version of the watch, so the watch can continue to update without being delayed for FDA approval.