Sending Messages

There are 2 parts to messages, sending it and receiving it. When sending a message you need to remember that what was intended and what was said may not be the same, and neither may be what was received on the other end. Plus, just because you are ready to send a message doesn’t mean the received is ready to receive it. Do your best to make the message clear, giving what you intended a chance to be understood.

If the message is important my advice is to keep sending it. It may take a while before it’s properly received and that may be frustrating, but keep sending it anyway. I hear advertising takes 7 impressions before it’s heard, which is probably the same with advice, at least poignant advice.

On the receiver’s end, being ready to receive is key. Often the receiver isn’t at a point in their life in which receiving a message is possible. Sometimes this is due to youth or immaturity, other times it’s due to having a conflicting idea already in their head. Either way it will take some time before the message is heard and that’s okay. At some point the stars will align and the message will be received.