Every Single Day

Last year I wrote something for every single day of the year. Several were quotes and TED Talks, but something was added for every day. Unfortunately the goal of publishing every day wasn’t met because I forgot to hit publish one day. It was the day the Wedzynski photos were supposed to go up, which was really a beautiful wedding.

This year I have no such goal. I’ll write something when I feel like it and will leave a void when I don’t have a topic. If it’s like the past it will come in spurts. I’ll go from having endless thoughts that need to get out of my head to a drought of things to say. It will also come on planes. I’m not sure why writing comes easy when I’m sitting on a plane, but it consistently does.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this so I’m about to stop, but that reminds me what is written is going to be whatever comes to mind. Sometime moving and emotional, other times childish and irrelevant. I generally avoid profanity, but sometimes there aren’t many words that will adequately drive a point home.

That’s it. I’m done for real this time.