Kentucky is 4-6

Kentucky fell to Vandy 21-17 in Nashville this weekend, making their record 4-6. Kentucky now has to win out to become bowl eligible. The next game is Saturday against Charlotte.

The undefeated list lost a member this weekend with Baylor falling to Oklahoma, and nearly lost Houston who won a close game against Memphis. Minnesota was also within a touchdown of knocking Iowa from the list. This leaves us with 5.

  • ACC – Clemson
  • Big 10 – Ohio State & Iowa
  • Big 12 – Oklahoma State
  • American – Houston

Looking at the 1 loss teams with a chance of making the top four, we have to start with Alabama and Notre Dame since they are already accompanying Clemson and Ohio State in the top 4. Alabama continues to control their own destiny, but I think Notre Dame will be passed by an undefeated Oklahoma State and may be passed by Oklahoma winning out. The only other teams that even possibly control their destiny are Florida, with games against Florida State and Alabama, and Michigan State, with games against Ohio State and Iowa. This leaves us with no more than 10 teams that should still be having national championships dreams. That includes Houston who is a long shot at best, even if they go undefeated.

I think the top 4 will remain the same, Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, then Notre Dame. Iowa will probably also remain at 5, but this week they’ll be followed by Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in either order. Florida and Michigan State will be the next 2, and I think Michigan will complete the top 10. Baylor at Oklahoma State, Michigan State at Ohio State, and TCU at Oklahoma this weekend will be the end of a couple national championship dreams.