Sore Body

Today my body is sore and has been since Saturday. I feel like I have a pulled groin and torn ab at the same time. Most of the time there isn’t any pain, just a mild annoyance. It’s kinda like having a bruise that only hurts when you bump it, but you keep forgetting about and accidentally bumping it. Unfortunately in this case it’s not just bumping it, it’s also moving certain ways.

Simultaneously not being able to stretch nor engage my midsection makes things like getting out of bed, sitting down, loading the dishwasher, and walking up stairs a guessing game as to when it will switch from annoying to real pain. This means I’ve spent most the weekend doing very little other than moving from my bed to the living room chair and back, plus catching up on Orange is the New Black. I’ll explain why my body is sore later, after I’ve fully wrapped my head around it.