Fitness Trackers

I recently switched from using a Nike Fuelband to a Fitbit Charge HR. I liked the Fuelband and some of the gamification of it, but they didn’t survive much over a year for me. Starting off the battery would make it through a competition weekend, which I thought was great. As the year progressed the battery declined to the point it wouldn’t make it through a day. This may have been fixed with the second edition, but I never gave that one a shot. On the bright side since the first 2 Fuelbands died within the warranty period they were quickly replaced by Nike for free, which is why I never gave the second edition a change.

I just got the Fitbit Charge HR so it’s too early to give much info about it. The setup process was designed to be easy, but it failed a couple times before completing. This may have been due to the router being used as we’ve been having issues with it lately. Other than that I haven’t done much with it.