Business Pressure is a Privilege

I didn’t expect a follow up to Pressure is a Privilege to come so soon or from the business world, but then Apple posted their quarterly results. Revenue was $49.6B, up from $37.4B the same quarter a year ago, and profit of $10.7B, up from $7.4B. iPhone sales were 47.5 million, up 35% from the same quarter the prior year. Despite all this I get an email with the following line:

Apple stock tanks 6% after iPhone sales disappoint

Disappoint? Apple set records and it’s a disappointment because it didn’t meet someone else’s expectations. This is like the Warriors being disappointed in themselves for taking 6 games to beat the Cavs when others thought they could do it in 4. Apple has done so well in the recent past that setting records, or winning, is no longer good enough. The pressure is now on them to sweep everything, and make $1B per week, which is a privilege.