Summer Travel Season

Next weekend begins my summer travel season. This season will involve trips to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Southern California for cheer meetings, along with a wedding and my first trip to London. It may also include trips to Destin, Austin, and New Orleans to visit friends, and a trip to Kansas City for a high school reunion.

The cheer meetings are a chance to catch up with people I don’t see often at a time they don’t mind talking to me. Normally when I see coaches at events they prefer to avoid me because I’m the bearer of bad news, but the meetings are a chance to catch up without them wondering if their day is going to take a turn for the worse.

Kansas City, Destin, Austin, and New Orleans would be purely for fun. They probably won’t all happen, but if they do I think I’d spend more nights on the road over the next 13 weeks than I would at home. I’m not sure that would be a good idea so something will likely get pushed to fall. I’ve had travel stretches like that in the past and got to the point I was so tired I didn’t really feel like myself.

If you are going to be in any of these cities this summer please let me know. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up somewhere along the journey.