Thank You Louisville

Last week Kenny and I went to  Louisville to update the Level 6 Course. We had the pleasure of working with Misty, James, Calen and the University of Louisville cheerleaders. Misty was a gracious a host as ever, ensuring we had whatever we needed despite being busy catching up from Worlds and Summit, opening a new gym, and running tryouts. James still has the amazing ability to fix something with 1 sentence. We had been playing around with something and missed it about 8 times in a row when James walks in, says 1 thing after watching it 1 time, and it doesn’t miss again. Calen wasn’t involved in the update, but was around long enough to have some great conversation on Worlds, the All Star industry, and college cheer.

Working with the Louisville teams was also great. It almost made me want to coach again. The things they could hit without a problem versus the things they struggled with were amusing and opposite of most teams. Free flying rewind, no problem. Braced 1/2 turn, multiple problems and requests to go back to rewinds. Overall they had phenomenal attitudes toward us making them do things over and over again, made any adjustments we asked of them, and worked their tails off to help us out. Thank You!