Pursuit of Perfection

The Kentucky basketball team is pursuing perfection. I’m sure every team was, but Kentucky has made it through their regular season without a loss. There were a couple scares, overtimes, and below par performances, but they’ve made it through the first 31 games. For the most part the regular season doesn’t matter. It’s just preparation for the post season, with the exception of the Louisville game, which always matters. Now comes the part that does, the SEC and NCAA tournaments.

As far as I’m concerned the last team to get this close was 1990-91 UNLV team. They were dominant. Coming off a national championship season and returning all starters, including several NBA first rounders, it was more surprising that they didn’t go undefeated than it would have been if they went undefeated. I know Wichita State and Saint Joseph had undefeated regular season since then, but I didn’t feel like either would win the title, and neither did.