Ohh Oklahoma

If you haven’t heard anything about what recently happen at the University of Oklahoma you watch the news less than I do and I’m proud of you for it. The rest of us saw a video of some fraternity members chanting a racist chant on a bus followed by quick action by their fraternity and the University. Within 72 hours the national chapter of the fraternity shut down that local chapter, the University suspended the chapter and removed the members from the fraternity house, and the University expelled 2 of the students reported as being involved in leading the chant.


I know several members of the fraternity tied to this, but don’t think I know any that were members at Oklahoma. The fraternity talks about a creed known as the True Gentlemen. Most of people I know well from this fraternity do their best to live by that creed. Some are more successful than others, but that’s part of being human, and I’ve never seen any of them fail so spectacularly at living up to the creed as those in the video.

All in all, what I take away from this is Oklahoma’s president signs his tweets “DBo”, which reminds me of Friday.