NCA All Star 2015

Last weekend was NCA. Getting there was a disaster, but the event was great. When I woke up I was booked on a direct American flight landing at 1:30pm. By the time I made it to Dallas, around 10:30pm via a connecting flight on Delta, I’d been in possession of 9 boarding passes or seat request cards. In between I talked to a very friendly American desk agent, a nice Delta desk agent, a dismissive Delta gate agent, and a friendly Delta gate agent. The bad part is the dismissive Delta agent probably caused me to get to Dallas about 5 hours later than necessary because she wouldn’t put me on the standby list, saying no seats were available. Had I been put on the list I would likely have been first and given a seat when the family with international travel issues wasn’t allowed to board and people on the standby list were awarded their seats.

Then it started snowing in Memphis.