Compliment Week

This was another uneventful week. I’m starting to get used to having open weekends during competition season and am starting to enjoy it.

This week I’m going to be complimentary toward a couple people and companies. I went to my bank to make a change to an account and open a new one and spoke to a very pleasant Wells Fargo employee. He still offered the requisite additional services, which can get annoying at times, but he managed to do it in a way that didn’t annoy me and I can’t pinpoint the reason other than him being pleasant in general. The next 2 were Kroger employees that asked if I needed help finding anything. They both seemed to be enjoying their work days and came across as being friendly people. The final one was at Macy’s, which required going to the mall, which I generally avoid. I only went in to return something I ordered online and got another person that was pleasant and seemed to be having a good day at work.

I figured since the majority of things I see are complaints about businesses and employees I’d take a minute to compliment some positive experiences I’ve had lately.