Life is full of decisions, some major, many minor, most irrelevant. Some of the major, life changing decisions are obviously that when you make them, but I wonder how many decisions we thought were minor or irrelevant at the time we made them, proved to actually be life changing. I think back to a couple friends of mine. As many couples do, they got married on a Saturday afternoon, had their reception on Saturday night, and departed for their honeymoon on Sunday morning. I’m sure there was a little conversation about which flight to take for the honeymoon and the thought of getting on the first flight out so they could enjoy the honeymoon a little longer came up, as well as the thought of not wanting to be on the first flight out because the reception was destined to get a little wild and the struggle bus would definitely be making an appearance on Sunday morning. Fortunately they chose the correct flight. Why do I say that? The other flight crashed on takeoff killing almost everyone on board, including another couple that got married the day before and was departing for their honeymoon.

Well that was a downer, wasn’t it? Let’s change to a happier topic. What if during my freshman year of high school I didn’t attend cheer tryouts with a friend? What if my friend wasn’t talked into trying out by his girlfriend that wanted to tryout or if he wasn’t so much of a chicken to go by himself that he talked me into going with him? That set off a chain of events that led me to the career in cheerleading I have today. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, which really doesn’t matter right now since I’m writing this from a plane after staying up all night. I think I’m writing this due to a combination of recently watching The Adjustment Bureau, talking to a friend about the Celestine Prophecy, and 2 recent “chance” run-ins. Of course, it could just be the fatigue of traveling playing with my mind.