Air Travel Annoyances

As we get close to the winter holidays and the time of year when very infrequent travelers take their only flights each year, it seemed appropriate to mention some air travel annoyances. First, checking in at the counter will require an ID. Please have it accessible instead of buried in your clutch, which is in a hand bag, that is in your suitcase. Also, please figure out in advance if you’ll be checking luggage and charged for checking luggage so you are prepared to pay, if necessary.

When going through security please be aware of what needs to be done in Precheck and standard lanes. In Precheck lanes you don’t have to take your shoes or light jacket off or your computer out of the bag, so please don’t slow down the lane by doing so. Alternatively, in the standard lane you do need to take off your shoes and jacket, as well as take you toiletries and computer out of your bag, so please be prepared to do so.

Southwest & Rockets - 23
Note the screenshot being taken at 8:09 with an updated scheduled departure time of 7:45.

When at the gate take a seat and relax, emphasis on “A”. With more people traveling than normal there isn’t going to be room for everyone if we all decide our bags deserve a seat of their own. Also remember the airline is likely to string you along if there are delays by bumping your departure time back 15 minutes at a time even though it’s your flights scheduled departure time and the plane is still 2 hours away.

When boarding starts there is little reason to crowd the boarding area prior to your group being called. When you choose to anyway, please leave room for the people in the groups already called to get past you and board the plane. And when getting on the plane, please be aware of your bags. I’ve seen and been on the receiving end of numerous purses and backpacks bouncing off my face because their owners were flinging them around as though they forgot they were carrying them. Also, when boarding, please put your bag in an overhead bin close to your row. I understand you want it to be in front of you so it’s easy to grab as you exit the plane, but it should be 1-3 rows in front of you, not 10+ because the people sitting in front of you will need that overhead bin space.

During the flight try not to get mad at babies. I know crying can be annoying on flights, but they are babies and don’t know better. Plus, they are usually crying because their ears need to pop due to the pressure change, so they really can’t help it. Now if you turn around and shoot the 7 year old that’s been kicking your seat for the past hour with a tranquilizer dart, I’ll understand.

When deplaning, please let the people in front of you go first. I thought this was common sense until recently, but since apparently it’s not, I had to say it. In all reality, you won’t get off much quicker by trying to sprint to the front, since you won’t make it that far.

That’s about it. Please have a safe holiday travel season and enjoy the time wherever you are going.