Time to Think

I spent the past couple weeks in Australia. On the way there I scheduled a 12 hour layover in LA so I could spend a day with my good friend Matt Goldberg. We didn’t do much, just talked, ate, and drank, but it was an enjoyable day. We were hoping to meet up with Courtney, but she was shooting a commercial and didn’t finish in time to meet up with us. I took some pictures and posted them here.

AASCF South Australia 2014 - 073The Australian portion of the trip was fantastic and it all started with the people I was with. I believe that’s the case with most things in life, it’s the people that make or break it. Of course it’s possible my hosts are the greatest con artists I’ve ever met, but I’d put money on them being genuinely good people.

The flight between the US and Australia is about 15 hours, giving you time to think about everything on you mind, or has ever been on your mind. One of the things I thought about was complaining about traveling, such as how long it takes to get from LA to Sydney. We could choose to complain about the flight taking a whopping 15 hours or choose to be happy that it only takes 15 hours to get across the Pacific. We could also choose to be happy that we can listen to music, watch movies, or sleep for 15 hours while the pilot takes us across the ocean instead of sitting on a boat or swimming. We can also choose to enjoy the unlimited alcohol instead of complaining about the crying baby, but I have to admit the baby was annoying after a while.

I also had time to think about 2 recent conversations about the psyche of young women. Conversation may be a poor word because it was much more listening to to older women comment on some of the “stuff” younger women are doing and what we’ve done as a society to lead them to this. They didn’t actually use the word stuff, but it’s a much more family friendly version of what they said. I will admit it was nice that they weren’t blaming men for the issue, instead blaming how women treat and compete with each other, but there weren’t any realistic ideas of how to address the problem(s).

I’m not really sure why I included the last paragraph, but it came out while I was typing. Anyway, I’m done traveling until Halloween unless I decide to take a weekend trip to Lexington.